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Support Shining Life Children's Trust

Please help us to bring a shining life to the children of Sri Lanka. Regular donations are vital to our work. You can also help by buying our Christmas cards and gifts, and by shopping on the internet.

We can guarantee that your donation, however small, will go a long way. Each of our projects benefits a community of over 400 people and costs just £10 000 a year to run.  That equates to just £25 per person per year to transform their lives.

Everyone working for Shining Life Children’s Trust is a volunteer enabling us to keep our costs to a minimum and ensuring your contribution directly helps the children in our projects.

You can donate in the following ways:

How your money will be used

Here are some examples of how your money will be used:

A donation of £5 per month provides day care facilities and a daily nutritious snack for one child.

£15 per month pays to set up children’s clubs; building children’s confidence and self esteem and enabling them to work together to address the inequalities they experience.

£25 per month pays for 5 health workers to teach the community about basic nutrition and hygiene.

£50 per month pays for the local field officer to coordinate the project and ensure every aspect of the project is sustainable.

£100 per month enables us to establish a credit and loan system allowing the children’s parents to start new businesses and build a brighter future for their families.

We rely on donations from individuals to fund our work – thank you very much.

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